What Our Clients Say

"Dear Howie, Tim and all the crews,

It has been a joy working with you and getting to know you as you created our new home. Thank you for your time, talent and tender touches.."

- Fondly Mark & Michele

"To Whom It May Concern,

In the late summer of 2011 my husband and I contacted Zetah Construction about the possibility of building a home on our Midge Lake lot. At that time we met with Howie Zetah, the owner of Zetah Construction, to discuss our plan, expectations, budget parameters, etc. During the next few months we periodically met with Howie and eventually his project manager, Tim Larson, to continue working on the plans, budget, etc. In April of 2012 we decided to hire Zetah Construction to build our home. It was a very good decision and one we have never regretted.

From the very beginning, we were always treated with respect, our questions and calls were answered in a timely manner, the financial aspects were clear, well organized and above board and the employees were always up to date on codes, procedures and new products. We never felt like we were annoying them or asking dumb questions. The employees who worked on site were respectful, careful and followed instructions.

Tim is an outstanding project manager. He keeps numerous details organized and at the ready. He is personable and very easy to work with. Jen, in the accounting department, was always very helpful. She was courteous and answered our questions readily. If she could not answer something she would get back to us in a timely fashion. While Howie is the 'business drummer upper' for the company, he is very assertive without being pushy. While we didn't see a lot of him during the actual building, he was always available and knew about the status of the project. "Do the best job at the best price for the customer" seems to be his philosophy and it shows!

We particularly appreciated all the little 'extras' they did for us that were not really part of the process. Our mailbox was installed, an address plaque attached to the house, shutters installed, Howie and Tim showed up on a Saturday to help unload a truck full of cabinets and they willingly attended several Saturday meetings as that was the only time we could be there. No mention was ever made of extra charges or they couldn't do that. It got to the point where I was worried about taking advantage of them!

This is not the first house we have had built so we have had some experience in that area. My husband has also been in the home improvement field his whole career so he knows the ins and outs of building. We found Zetah Construction to be an excellent and well run firm. They seem to truly care about their customers by going that extra mile. We would highly recommend them for any construction or remodeling project."

- Sheila & Don Hart, residential construction

"Although home construction can be a highly stressful experience, Zetah Construction proved to be the stress reducer in our project. Their work ethic, which kept the project moving and completed on time; their expert assistance in design and money saving ideas, which brought the project to completion within their budget projections; their efficient billing system, which kept us updated and aware of current budget status and their commitment to quality all contributed to a positive experience throughout our working relationship."

- John & Jan Cota, residential construction

"Out of the 20 or so builders we contacted in our area, you were one of the very few that actually returned phone calls and sent references. When it came down to the final decision to choose a builder we decided hands-down to go with Zetah. A decision we've never regretted!"

- Jon & Tracy Wright, residential construction

"Zetah Construction built my custom home as well as a major store remodel at my mall location. The quality of the work, professionalism, and timeliness of the work performed was of the highest caliber. I would highly recommend Howie Zetah and Zetah Construction for any project."

- David Thompson, owner, Ken K. Thompson Jewelry, commercial remodel

"Our house on Kabekona Lake was designed by an excellent architect. The plans and specs were complex and called for some difficult construction techniques. We obtained bids from Zetah and four other area builders. Some of the builders were daunted by the complexity of the plans and suggested modifications to simplify construction. Zetah had no problem understanding what the architect intended and how to do it."

- Herman Bailey, residential lake construction

"We decided to remodel our home in Bemidji. We contacted Zetah Construction. Our remodeling was completed in the amount of time that they quoted and the workmanship was very professional."

- Ron and Mary Kostohryz, residential remodel

"Howie,  In 2004 Carole and I undertook the project of bringing our family cabin into the 21th century. Howie and his crew were very respectful of the feel we wanted to keep even though the project was considered new construction. Blending the old with the new took creative expertise. The overall results and the process of  .vorking with the Zetah Construction team were outstanding ... and it came in on budget. The few things that needed attention along the way were dealt with fairly and professionally. Now it's 2018 and we're selling the home. Many happy memories, but it's time to move on. The value we are receiving in the sale today can be attributed to the reputation and quality work of Zetah Construction. Our experiences in working with Howie Zetah from the contracting stage, to the construction stage, and to the various life stages of the home are a clear reflection of the value received. (5-star rating)."

- Jim and Carole Proebstle